Roller systems report

Viewed as one of the most reliable performers in the Australian window furnishings market, roller blinds are adapting to developments on the ground, supported by tweaks to systems and componentry that reflect wider widths, design trends and price expectations. Belinda Smart reports
ROLLEASE ACMEDA “The Rollease Acmeda flagship RB09 chain control solution continues to be regarded as... READ MORE

Downloading the upgrades

Suppliers of window furnishings focused software have continued to update their offerings in line with demand for streamlined business processes, which are now more important than ever. Belinda Smart reports.
BLINDMATRIX Software company BlindMatrix, which specialises in software for blind, curtain, shutter and awning retailers... READ MORE

Sheer force

Sheers are much talked about as a dominant trend in window furnishings, and their appeal continues to grow. Sheer drapery fabrics are diversifying in terms of aesthetics and function, while the relatively new sheer blind category is maturing with the addition of stunning new offerings. Belinda Smart reports.
JAMES DUNLOP TEXTILES Stephen Vetten, Product Marketing Specialist for James Dunlop Textiles, confirms the brand’s... READ MORE

Taking the inside out with ext...

Summer is the season for external blinds, and the category boasts an array of innovations, from visual design upgrades to climate appropriate features and more. Belinda Smart reports.
ICL (SA)  “Side retention blind systems have been available for a number of years. Most,... READ MORE

Green report: packaging and pr...

WFA investigates how companies are dealing with the pandemic-led rise of single use plastic, along with an update on individual companies' green products and processes.
The rapid rise of the delivery economy sparked by Covid 19 has seen an escalation... READ MORE

Retail report: strong sales ag...

Melbourne’s protracted lockdown has only just come to an end, with stores in the Victorian capital reporting mixed results. However retailers across much of Australia who took part in WFA’s regular sales survey have reconfirmed the theory mooted earlier in the year; that the restrictions imposed by Coronavirus have been good, and occasionally stellar, for business. Belinda Smart reports.
Restrictions and lockdowns have generally boosted sales in the window furnishings sector, with consumers maintaining... READ MORE

Business + marketing for the &...

With homebound consumers focused on renos, the Coronavirus pandemic is generally understood to have been good for business in the window furnishings space. However, ensuring a smooth operation mid-crisis is not without its challenges.
Business coach and consultant Tony Cassar talked resistance-building, COVID 19-proof marketing strategies and more, with... READ MORE

Captured on video

From wholesale to retail, the new COVIS-19 era has forced window furnishings businesses to change their approach to engaging and advising their clientele, using video to bring ‘old school’ face to face consultations into the digital space. Belinda Smart reports.
BLINDWARE “Recently, in a bid to cling onto the last remaining slivers of sanity during... READ MORE

Brave new world

In the realms of motorisation automation and connectivity, it seems the future has arrived, with leading edge suppliers continuing to innovate their motorisation offerings, while the idea of the connected ‘smart home’ is increasingly accepted as a given. Belinda Smart reports.
ICL (SA)  “‘Z-wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth BLE, WiFi, Automation Bridge, Smart Hub, Smart Implant, Configuration Parameters’,... READ MORE

A smooth and systematic growth...

Boasting European standards in terms of design but designed for the needs of the Australian market, awning systems look set for continued growth as consumers turn their attention to investing on the domestic front. WFA reports on the latest innovations.
ZIPTRAK Ziptrak product releases from 2019 and 2020 include: the Ziptrak Streamline Pelmet with Insect... READ MORE
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