Sanctuary with light filtering benefits

Texstyle has released Sanctuary light filtering fabric as a coordinating addition to the existing Texstyle Sanctuary Blockout Collection.

“Inspired by the organic textures of nature, the Sanctuary range features 11 colour-matched blockout/light filtering fabrics available in a 3000mm width.”

“Sanctuary’s unique three-dimensional pattern provides a signature textural finish. Suitably designed for roller, roman and panel blinds, Sanctuary delivers a seamless fabric solution for interiors.” 

Sanctuary carries Greenguard Gold and Oeko-Tex Certification, and is PVC Free.

Mark Cuddy, General Manager of Texstyle told WFA the fabric was designed to meet demand for “high-quality light filtering fabrics that not only have a matching blockout option but are also beautiful as a standalone product.”

“A lot of light filtering fabrics on the market tend to be an afterthought to a blockout range. If we develop a blockout fabric, we don’t necessarily just add a light filtering option. Sanctuary Light Filtering is a stunning design, has a great colour range and fills a real void in the market for a closed weave light filtering solution.”

“Light filtering fabrics have seen a marked uplift as a result of the pandemic.” Mark added. 

“As people tend to be at home more and at different times of the day than they were previously, there is certainly a need for more lighting control options.”

“The beauty is that light filtering fabrics offer great versatility as a standalone, dual shade or layering solution.”

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