Having crossed the finish line of the marathon that was the year 2020 I slump into the editor’s chair and think about what 2021 will hopefully look like. Less zoom meetings would be nice for a start. I have found them very useful for the magazine at times, including the our “Ask the expert” features we run (See page 46 this issue Steve Payne from Norman Australia) with some great interviews over the past few issues. However, I really do miss the lunch and bottle of wine that used to accompany these features.

Travel restrictions have also had a major impact on the way we produce the magazine. Several trade shows have been cancelled or postponed which has been a double-edged sword. Whilst it has made the collection of a lot of news and the building of networks more challenging, the absence of these shows has boosted the importance of our trade title. We also impeccably timed the launch of our new web presence in March with the magazine now reaching more eyes than ever thanks to the monthly e-newsletters we send out as well as a digital version of the magazine.

The travel restrictions also caught us out as a team. Many of you know Belinda Smart our associate editor who has been producing great work on the magazine for almost 10 years. Belinda made a mercy dash to the UK in March to look after her parents when they were struck down by coronavirus in the first wave. This selfless act has meant that she has been stuck in the UK, waiting for the pandemic to subside, while also working tirelessly from London all hours of the day and night. She has recently taken on some local work in the UK, so will be reducing her involvement with WFA. We wish her well and hope to see her again when normal life resumes.

There was one thing that didn’t change throughout 2020, and that was the support of our industry. Like everyone in the middle of March we had some scary moments thinking about the future of our business, but within a few weeks we had a plan to get through it and our industry supported us throughout. So thank you to those who have advertised with us throughout 2020 and supported us during a wild year. We had to adapt the way we did business this year on the fly, particularly when Melbourne was put into Stage 4 lockdown, but we really appreciated those who reached out to us on the phone and on email. We look forward to seeing you again soon and hopefully in person in 2021.


Editor & Publisher

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