Putting opinions in print is always a challenge when writing about current events, thanks to the delay and inevitable gear shift between the writer’s thoughts being expressed and the publication finding its way to the reader. And as anyone can attest at the moment, there has never been a time in living memory where information has become so out of date so quickly. Fortunately for us here at Window Furnishings Australia, April 2020 will also be remembered for the month we launched our new online presence (See page12). This should remedy a few of the issues we face as a bi-monthly print publication, in a world where things can change by the hour. Keep a look out for increasing digital communication from us as well as our regular print publications which will (eventually) arrive on your desk.

We will all have lasting memories of this period of lockdown, and the near future will also provide its share of testing circumstances. But like any crisis opportunities will abound. The support provided by state and Federal Governments is tailor-made for most in this industry. It may also offer a silver lining for local manufacturers if we can return to a domestically focused economy asap. There will be a share of pain, which we will all feel, and the ways of doing business in the past will certainly change forever. You can read about how companies in our industry are already adjusting to the ‘new normal’ in our special feature on the coronavirus (Page38).

To sign off on a more hopeful note, have a read of our profile of Nicholls Interiors (Page 58). The family-run business, celebrating 100 years, survived two world wars and a depression which included several instances of rationing, where at times, family members had to act as security, limiting customers in the store, supplies were limited, and people were panicked. Sounds familiar. We too are hoping to be around in the long-term and are taking the attitude that to trade through this crisis, we need to work together as an industry. We have asked our advertisers who are also taking this approach as to join our campaign: “Trading through a crisis”. You will see the symbol below on many ads throughout this edition. All of these companies have agreed to join our campaign to show confidence in the future of this industry. They have all agreed to support industry colleagues, customers, even competitors, throughout this difficult period, with the belief that we can emerge a better industry on the other side. Stay safe, where possible, stay home, and I look forward to seeing many of you in person again soon.


Editor & Publisher

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