Two key associates appointed for WincovER soft launch

ISSUE 72 May 2020

The BMAA is forging ahead with plans for energy rating scheme WincovER and has appointed two key associates for the initiative’s soft launch.

“Recent months have seen the WincovER Committee setting up the infrastructure to support the soft-launch of WincovER. This includes agreements with our service providers: including test laboratories, Dr Peter Lyons who will provide technical support and WincovER simulation services, and AGWA, the Australian Glass and Window Association who will run and maintain the WincovER Certified Product Database.”

“We are very pleased to announce that two BMAA members will be the BMAA’s associates for the WincovER soft-launch: Hunter Douglas and Ozroll. Both companies have been long term sponsors of WincovER and manufacture a wide range of end products that include materials that can be WincovER rated. The success of WincovER will be linked not only to having a database of WincovER rated product but also, very importantly, in communicating effectively with the end consumer, specifiers and other stakeholders including the government. Hunter Douglas and Ozroll both have extensive dealer networks in Australia and the WincovER Committee will be working closely with them, developing tools that will include on-line training for retailers, documentation and online media. We aim to be able to monitor retailers’ experience with WincovER, including consumer reaction, as we progress with the soft-launch.”

The BMAA did confirm that due to the current Covid-19 emergency, further progress with the WincovER project may slow down to fit with the business priorities of partners and the availability of service providers. “In any case, we aim to have the infrastructure in place as soon as possible, so that we are ready to roll-out when the time is right.”

Hunter Douglas Managing Director Tony Politis commented:

“We are excited and delighted to see the program reach its current phase and to be part of the soft launch process. Much of what will be learnt during the soft launch will help the various sub committees fine tune the program as we move forward and this will certainly assist as we turn the dial up and extend the program in its entirety. Naturally some aspects of the soft launch will be impacted and delayed due to current circumstances, however once the timing is right we will put our energy and focus behind the soft launch, with the view of making it as successful as possible.”

“Ozroll is proud to be associated with the WincovER project through the BMAA and pleased that we have been selected as an associate partner for the soft launch along with Hunter Douglas,” said Ozroll CEO Chris Parkinson. “We first came to be involved with this project back in 2011 when it was known as BERS (Blind Energy Rating Scheme); we had initially provided a sample of our external roller shutter for testing. In 2016 we were officially recognised as a sponsor, providing financial assistance to help with marketing and promotion. Now, Jack McDonald our National Sales & Marketing Manager is directly involved with the WincovER committee and playing an important role in the roll-out of the WincovER project.

“Since 2002 Ozroll has been committed to the testing of our products to ensure that we provide accurate proven data,” Parkinson said. “This includes Cyclone Testing, Sound Transmission loss, Radiant heat / Bushfire protection and also Energy Savings, previously through Nathers (National Housing Energy Rating Scheme). So it made sense for us to join forces with the WincovER launch, which enables us to continue manufacturing products that are deemed to be the most compliant or provide the best star rating possible. We have a very strong affiliation with a National Dealer Network with whom we work very closely. This helps us to understand the thought process driving end consumers’ decisions and provide intel as to what they believe is fundamental when purchasing goods. In particular we are interested to find out the importance that they place on energy efficient products and the ability to create a return on their investment when purchasing scientifically proven star rated products.”

Parkinson added that in the current COVID 19 environment Ozroll was in “a very fortunate situation where we have continued to maintain a business as usual approach.”

“Not only is this a massive positive for the industry overall, it possibly highlights the importance placed on shading products, which we expect will flourish even more when we can support the benefits of our products with accurate data, in conjunction with an industry standard rating scheme.”

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