Somfy takes a leap forward with Zigbee 3.0 technology

Issue 94 January 2024

Somfy has announced the upcoming release of its new smart shading solution range featuring Zigbee 3.0 technology.

Zigbee 3.0 is the wireless communication protocol widely used in home automation.Somfy motors integrate seamlessly and are open to the mesh network for better communication within customers’ homes.

“Somfy’s complete and comfort-driven smart shading solutions include a new bi-directional motor range, new innovative controls and dedicated services tailored to support professionals from integration to installation and maintenance.”

Zigbee is the only complete loT solution — from mesh network to the universal language that allows smart objects to work together, regardless of brand.

With Somfy Smart Shading now on Zigbee 3.0, comfort is the name of the game – from manufacturer to installer to end user.

 “The range is compatible with Somfy’s TaHoma suite – a trio of dedicated and exclusive services making it easier to sell, install and service Somfy solutions.

All products are covered by a five-year warranty, and most of the range carries Somfy’s Act For Green label. This logo guarantees that products have been designed to have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

Stay tuned for more details on the launch of Somfy’s Zigbee 3.0 technology in 2024!

Zigbee: key facts

• Globally Adopted

Extensive library of applications and devices deployed by hundreds of companies around the world.

• Interoperable 

Large ecosystem of products to choose from that work seamlessly together.

• Reliable and Low-Power

Proven, self-healing mesh network eliminates single points of failure with minimal power consumption.

• Secure

Secure by design with a variety of security mechanisms.

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