Somfy expands virtual showroom

Somfy has expanded the end-user targeted virtual showroom unveiled last year to feature additional end products including dual curtains, venetian blinds and more.

“The additional products give end users the ability to view and engage with an even wider range of internal solutions right from the comfort of their home,” said Somfy Oceania’s Marketing Communications Manager Mary Ladu.

 “Users can browse the internal motorised solutions and choose to control them with a Situo remote, Connexoon Window RTS or voice control.”

“The window coverings will move to the selected position in real time while listing the benefits of motorisation including natural light management, convenience, energy savings and centralised control with a connected home.”

“Our proactive approach to the digitalisation of our value chain and core businesses has seen us take big leaps into the digital future and our virtual showroom is a fine example of that,” said Ladu.

“With the uncertainty we are still experiencing around the country, we wanted to not only empower end-users in their research journey, but also to support our Somfy Experts by providing them with a digital tool to enhance their selling opportunities.

“The operation of the products is seamless, and the controls work just like they would if they were using them in person in one of our Somfy Expert showrooms.

“End-users can choose from a list of voice commands or even use the ‘my’ button on the remote to immediately halt movement.

“All the information they require is at their fingertips and once they’ve completed their research, they can easily make an enquiry and set up an appointment with their local Somfy Expert.”

Visit Somfy’s Virtual Showroom at

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