Somfy adds Sonesse 40 RS485 to digital motor range

Somfy has launched the Sonesse 40 RS485 motor for narrow interior window applications.

The intelligent motor, controlled and monitored via Somfy Digital Network solutions, streamlines programming and installation to save time and add convenience. 

The Somfy Digital Network (SDN) is the latest generation of bus-line enabled intelligent tubular motors and smart switch controls. 

The wired bi-directional technology allows interconnection with a wide range of third-party centralised building management and home automation systems including KNX, Control 4, AMX and Crestron.

Available in three torques and speeds (3/30, 6/20 and 9/12) and suitable for roller blinds, projection screens, roman blinds, and pleated and cellular blinds, Sonesse 40 RS485 offers easy integration, installation, and positional feedback from the motor.

“This quiet, high-performing motor provides positional accuracy and positional feedback, such as end limit reached and intermediate position location from 0-100%,” said Joel Gray, Projects and Services Manager for Somfy Oceania.

“Setting end limits of RS485 motors is made simple through the use of an intuitive RS485 setting tool, eliminating the need to directly access the motor or modify the motor’s wiring.

“The positional feedback feature gives users the ability to move blinds to their desired position and be informed when it is reached.”

The motor design includes a thin white round motor head, ideal for discreet blending.

Offering a reduced light gap with interchangeable motor head covers allows you to choose a motor head colour to suit any fabric or décor.

“The motor is perfect for both commercial and high-end residential projects alike, offering daily convenience and comfort through its quiet and effortless movement the Sonesse range is known for.”

“The Sonesse range of quiet motors is recognised throughout the industry for meeting the needs of even the most high-performance project, with an adaptable and intuitive design, giving it its superior performance.”

The Sonesse 40 RS485 motor is part of Somfy’s trademarked Act For Green range of eco-designed products, aiming to reduce the environmental impacts of its products all along their life cycle.

“Through its positional functions, error feedback, sun tracking and shadow management, the Sonesse 40 RS485 boasts the ability to maintain a building’s thermal comfort and conserve the overall energy consumption and notify the building manager when service may be required.”

“By 2030, Somfy plans for 100% of motors sold to be labelled Act For Green, giving the assurance that the high-quality products respect eco-design requirements, reducing standby power consumption and improving product durability.”

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