Scott Free Fabrics – Where The Land Meets The Sea

Scott Free’s Australian Fabric Collection has been bolstered by two releases, Delungra and Tideline, which are designed encapsulate the essential Australian concept of land meeting the sea.

“We have journeyed across our Australian landscape, wide open plains, our history, and Delungra joins that journey. Delungra’s jacquard weave combines a woven design and the textural subtlety of a blockout coating.”

The result is a soft touch that the company says is reminiscent of “where the Australian plains meet the sea.”

“Tideline brings to our Australian Collection the connection to the sea central to our Australian culture. With a design that emulates the effect of the rippling sand at our ocean’s shore, Tideline brings a residential and commercial Australian made fabric that conjures our vast country with its feel, an array of on-trend colours and a bold appeal.”

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