Norman Australia opens Sydney showroom

ISSUE 79 July 2021

Norman has opened a third eastern state showroom, this time in Frenchs Forest, Sydney.

Steve Payne, Marketing Manager – Norman Australia said the new showroom opening in Sydney, completes Norman’s representation on the mainland eastern seaboard, following showroom  launches in Brisbane in 2019 and Melbourne 2020.

“Norman’s philosophy of quality and keeping the supply chain as small as possible is paying dividends supplying factory direct to retailer partners,” he said, adding that by removing a link in the supply chain Norman retailers are now “able to place orders and communicate directly with the factory rather than through a third party.”

“Any questions on orders go between the factory and retailer with Norman’s experienced support staff and business development team on hand to provide assistance and training if required.”


He described the showroom opening Is key to Norman’s positioning as a vertically integrated supplier, which manages its own forests, designs components and manufactures all products with no sub-contracting and distribution.

“Each step of the journey is carefully managed using the Toyota Production System to always look at ways to improve efficiency and places value on long term strategy over short term gains. Retail partners benefit by selling quality products that have an industry leading low return rate, which saves time and money not having to go back to site constantly and carry out repairs.”


“The showrooms carry on the Norman philosophy of long-term thinking over short term gains as Norman builds a strong distribution network and is then able to support that network. The support is provided not only with the best value products but also via in-house training at the modern showroom facilities and by opening the showrooms to Retail Partners to bring their customers in to state of the art facilities.”

“The quality of Norman’s products can now be showcased in equally modern showrooms in three states,” Payne said. “Features like Norman’s PerfectTilt shutter motorisation have to be seen to be believed. This G4 technology is a world away from the first shutter motorisation, in that it uses reliable solar charged low voltage motors that virtually never need recharging.”


“You just order the motorisation and the factory sets everything up, so all you need to do is switch on and forget. The team at Norman have been busy utilising the showroom spaces for their Retail Partner certification program since March with over 100 people through the training so far with those achieving certification receiving special benefits.”

Payne said feedback on the new showroom “has been overwhelmingly positive, with retailers not only impressed by the ever-expanding range of Norman products but by the innovation and quality on display. Quality that has been carried through in the state-of-the-art Sydney showroom.”


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