Luxsol opens Sydney shutter manufacturing facility

Shutter manufacturer Luxsol has opened a factory and office in Sydney.

A new entrant to the Australian market, Luxsol’s overseas parent company has been manufacturing shutters for over 20 years, targeting a European customer base. 

This experience, along with the worldwide shutter market size has seen the company – whose roots were in originally furniture manufacturing – now specialising exclusively in shutters. 

Luxsol’s Sydney-based operation will be run by second generation members of the overseas family-run parent company. 

Cassie Yang and Megan Wu grew up in shutter manufacturing and used to help in the factory making shutters after school. Both have Masters Degrees in business and commerce from Sydney and Macquarie Universities and are based in Sydney. 

“We believe our research and planning have been spot on,” Yang told WFA. “Due to ongoing supply chain challenges, instead of retailers having to wait eight to 12 weeks for shutters, Luxsol can produce shutters in Sydney in three weeks. This gives retailers the opportunity to sell and install up to four times more than waiting for overseas shutters. 

Research prior to launching the Sydney business identified a tendency for manufacturers’ to over-specify products, leading to a point of different for the Luxsol brand. It has limited the panel span for its Poly100 product to dimensions “more representative to the weight of the product, to avoid unnecessary maintenance or service calls.”

“Luxsol has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in state-of-the-art CNC machinery,” Wu added. “This has allowed Luxsol to manufacture Poly100 using mortise and tenon joinery, whereas most PVC shutters are just screwed together, which can cause sagging issues over the longer term.”

Luxsol does not retail but will sell through a distribution network; the brand enables retailers to buy Australian Made shutters, directly from the factory. 

“Luxsol will not try to be all things to all people, but instead will focus on its specialty; manufacturing the best value for money shutters, in the shortest lead time possible.”

It will also supply a range of imported products including  Woodland100 timber, Nexus50 hybrid and Poly100. 

The company has also implemented a systems-based approach with an internally designed online ordering system and the deployment of a CRM system to track customer interactions and provide the best service.

“There is a proliferation of Chinese companies trying to get retailers to buy direct with the lure of a low $US headline price, but without the hidden costs of logistics, or the inherent risks of currency fluctuation, trying to liaise through agents and worst case, transferred funds going astray,” said Wu. 

“Luxsol has taken all the hassle out of this,” said Yang. “Being the overseas factory office here in Sydney, Luxsol is the manufacturer’s overseas office and therefore can do all the time-consuming and hard work for the retailer.”

Luxsol is expanding its distribution network. Businesses wishing to become a Luxsol distributor can contact Luxsol via email – [email protected] – or via the Luxsol website.

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