ISSUE 75 November 2020

Backed by strong demand and market growth, Ozroll is bringing key new products to the exterior shading market.

The move follows seamlessly from Ozroll’s acquisition of outdoor solutions specialist Slidetrack.

“Slidetrack has been a part of our business now for over two years and during that time we have continued to increase our share of the national wholesale market,” said Jack McDonald, National Sales & Marketing Manager at Ozroll. “That constant growth has bucked seasonal trends to some degree, however we see a lot of data to suggest that consumer demand is higher right now than it has ever been before. We have let that demand guide us into new segments of the market.”

“The Slidetrack design utilises a two piece track system, which isn’t ideal for every application, so we are adding to ‘the Slidetrack family’ with products that can satisfy every need. We released a Straight Drop Awning earlier this year, with a contemporary take on a conventional design, utilising many of the same components as a traditional Slidetrack blind. Right now, we are very excited to announce we have recently launched an innovative new product that is the subject of patent and design applications: a Chain Guide outdoor blind.”

Brian Zwar, Manager, Product Development, Ozroll, shared the product’s key features with WFA:

“As the name suggests, the bottom rail is guided by two  fixed vertical chains. The chain links allow the blind to be locked and then tensioned in multiple positions using manual centre locks.

Inherently strong, and with no swaged fittings, Chain Guide is robust and  straightforward to install and set. While spring- loaded manual operation is easy, for extra taut and flat fabric, hand crank or Ozroll’s 12v motorisation system are  ideal. In addition to use on patios where the fitting of side tracks is impractical, we see Chain Guide as a modern alternative to the tried and trusted auto/fixed guide/pivot arm awnings for shading windows. Tensioners are provided on each side, and the chain and fittings are available in either a natural stainless or matt black finish. In-ground and path mounts are also available.”

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