Helpful installation app from Somfy

Somfy has launched Help Me, a new app to support installers.

“At Somfy, we’re committed to bringing our customers product innovation, quality assurance, and systems for sustainable growth,” said Somfy Oceania’s Product Marketing Executive, Nicki Beggs.

“That’s why we’re excited to present the new Help Me by Somfy application, now available on the Apple App and Google Play stores.

“We understand that for a professional installer, each worksite and each configuration is different, presenting varied challenges and requiring installers to adapt and troubleshoot on the go.

“Somfy has recognised that need and created Help Me by Somfy for those unique situations.”

The Help Me by Somfy application is a pragmatic tool with easy-to-follow, visual step-by-step instructions; available at any time of the day in 35 languages. The app is accessible with or without internet connection, giving installers information wherever they go.

The application includes instructions and troubleshooting tips for 29 Somfy products in 17 end product applications with varied operations for control in countless configurations.

1. Choose the situation you are working on in the field: initialisation, upgrade and fine tuning, or troubleshooting.

2.Select the end product application (interior blinds, curtains, awnings, roller shutters, etc), the control method (hand-held remote or switch) and the motor you are installing.

3. In just a few simple clicks, you are presented with copious amounts of easy-to-follow visual step-by-step instructions to get the job done right the first time.

To support installers further, the application allows users to add frequently used instructions to their own personalised ‘favourites library’ in just one click!

Help Me by Somfy is backed by two additional services: a short guide included within the motor or control’s packaging and – an online resource where you can download the full installation guide. No more lengthy paper manuals inside the product packaging means professional installers are better equipped and more efficient than ever before.

“Better still, the application means we are also reducing paper waste,” added Beggs.

“The digitalisation of our instruction manuals helps us move closer to our dream of being more environmentally sustainable by reducing our carbon footprint by over 30 million sheets of paper every year!

“The new short guide manuals now fit on a single page and are illustrated, also featuring a handy QR code to make accessing installation information within the app even easier.”

The Help Me by Somfy app can be downloaded on the Apple App or Google Play store.

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