BM Blinds new website

While 2021 was the year that most people will remember as the year of Covid-19, masks, lockdowns, and stress, for the team at BM Blinds it was also a chance to finalise its new website.

Michelle Macready, BM Blinds Sales Manager, told WFA the company wanted the website to showcase its range of internal and external blinds and awnings, “with our dedication to quality, service, and excellence.”

“As a wholesale manufacturer that started from humble beginnings in 1987, the company has grown to incorporate BM Blinds, ESR Blinds and more recently Skins N More.” 

“With the help of Robert Paton from Flying Pig, we set about creating a site that was easy to navigate and helped highlight the products customers know and love.”

The format needed to be easy to navigate, with easy access to information, she said. 

“Our customers include long-term clients who are very familiar with all that we offer, as well as newer clients who may use us for specific products. The website is a great tool for clients to be able to see the ranges on offer in an easy-to-read format highlighting the features and benefits.”

As a wholesale manufacturer, the company’s website specifically needed to be retailer friendly, she said. “We act as a retailer’s workroom, making blinds and awnings for their clients.” 

“There are several factors that a website simply cannot convey no matter how hard you try. Wording and photos do not do justice to our commitment to our customers to produce a quality blind.”

This commitment is supported by four manufacturing sites where wholesale blinds and awnings are made, the first in the North-western Sydney suburb of Riverstone, which houses the main office as well as the manufacturing of internal blinds, including roller, vertical, panel and Veri Shade blinds. 

“Our roller blinds are manufactured using quality tube and base rail specifically engineered by Michael Shaw our director, to make manufacturing and installation as trouble free as possible. Coupled with Blindware Sunboss components and a selection of distinctive fabrics, our roller blinds offer subtle differences that stand out from the rest.” 

“Each roller blind is made by experienced staff, who are focused on producing a quality product. Each blind is hoisted and tuned, ensuring the blind rolls up straight the first time and all subsequent times, speeding up the installation process.”

“Veri Shade and vertical blinds are manufactured with the same dedication to quality, with stainless steel spacers used with in the tracks. The use of the stainless steel spacers ensures that customers enjoy trouble free operation of their blinds for many years to come.” 

“We have had a number of new customers call us and say how pleased they are with the quality of our tracks; they tell us that they had struggle for years with plastic spacers and couldn’t believe the difference to the durability of the tracks.”

Meanwhile, the ESR site at South Windsor in Sydney is a dedicated facility manufacturing timber venetian blinds, including realwood timber venetians and Western Red Cedar venetian blinds.

“ESR also has a devoted spray booth to custom paint either the realwood or cedar venetian blinds. The booth is operated by an experienced spray painter, where each slat is individually sanded, painted, or stained to suit individual requirements.” 

“This process is repeated two more times, with drying time allowed between each coat making sure that each slat is picture perfect every time. This process is hard to replicate on a website, however it is important that our customers understand that quality is at the core of all that we do.

Even the awnings, shutters, aluminium venetian blinds and Sheerlight blinds are sourced from quality suppliers in various locations around Sydney, who are a vital part of our wider team.”

“To sum up, our new website is another tool that helps demonstrate how we have evolved over time. It also contains valuable links to online ordering portal Buz, which provides 24-hour, seven days a week access to current and previous orders in our system, together with the ability for customers to save quotations.” 

“With a few clicks, they can track their orders through production and access shipping and freight details when the goods are dispatched.”

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