Search trends expose industry growth areas

ISSUE 79 July 2021

Online search data has revealed industry growth areas, with searches for one product category soaring by 220% in five years.

Google search data for the Australian market obtained from Ahrefs has revealed that almost all major product categories have seen increases in search traffic in the past five years.

The standout product category over the past five years is ‘Sheer curtains’, which has seen internet search growth of 220% over the past five years (8.4K per month vs 2.6K per month).

‘Outdoor blinds’ has experienced the second highest growth in search with and 87% increase (16.3K per month vs 8.7K per month.  However ‘Awnings’ experienced a small dip, with search falling by 4.2% over the past five years.

Searches for curtains still edge out blinds, with 23.6K searches a month versus 20.3K per month, with both categories experiencing an increase in search volume of around 30% over the past five years. ‘Blinds online’ performed a little better with an increase in search of 54% (18K per month versus 11.6K per month) whilst ‘Plantation shutters’ performed well with an increase in search of 47% (17.6K per month versus 12K per month).

Data reviewed by WFA was taken from Q1 of 2021 and compared to data from Q1 2016. Data from Q2 2020 was also reviewed with a definite “Covid-bump” in that period adding an additional 10% increase in search compared to comparable periods.

Google controls a little more than 92% of the search engine market share worldwide and 90.23% in Australia (source: Statista). That includes 72% of the desktop market and 92% of the mobile search engine market. Google doesn’t share its total search volume data but it assumed that annual growth in search is less than 10%. Google is a starting point for almost half of the product searches; 46 pecent of product searches begin on Google (Jumpshot, 2018).

Product categoryFive year search growth (%)Annualised search growth (%)
Blinds online54.2910.86
Sheer Curtains220.2544.05
Plantation Shutters47.229.44
Outdoor Blinds87.7417.55

Data source: Data comparison Google search Jan-Mar 2016 vs Jan-Mar 2021


Somfy Oceania has launched the Somfy Online Partner Program, capitalising on the online retail boom over the past eighteen months.

The program is aimed at simplifying the process for end-users to purchase Somfy solutions for their home and providing them with an online tool to improve their buying experience.

“The Somfy Online Partner Program is a chance for end-users, regardless of their location, to access Somfy solutions through a recognised and trained partner,” said Somfy Oceania’s National Retail Manager Mohamed Ourdjini.

Somfy is excited to be welcoming e-commerce retailer DIY Blinds on board as a Somfy Online Partner.

DIY Blinds is Australia’s leading online retailer of custom-made blinds, offering a flexible customer service experience that includes measure and install.

“DIY Blinds’ entrepreneurial mindset and innovative approach towards the end-user makes them the go-to retailer for purchasing blinds and curtains online, and we are delighted to partner with them,” added Ourdjini.

“Partnering with Somfy is a natural fit for our business,” said Evan Montero, Co-Founder of DIY Blinds.

“We are fanatical about offering our customers the very best in both service offering and product offering.

“Somfy as a brand, product and team enables us to do that. They’re the industry leader when it comes to motorisation and home automation within our industry, and we’re equally thrilled to be offering their products as a solution to our customers, Australiawide.”

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