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Instead of discounting, retailers can optimise sales by focusing on the benefits of quality product, premium selling tools and state of the art controls, according to key players in the space who spoke to WFA.

Selling shutters at retail is a specialised endeavour, according to Peter Boyle, Product Development Manager at Norman, who points to some of the company’s key sales initiatives.


One is to prioritise quality and confidence he says. “By offering a high-quality product that you genuinely believe in, you not only build trust with customers but also create a lasting impression. 

“Norman’s shutter sample bags also serve as an invaluable selling tool, showcasing the superior quality of our products along with the wide array of options available with colour samples and the design guide. Remember, it’s not just about selling shutters—it’s about providing a solution that enhances a customer’s space and meets their needs.

He adds that there are a number of unique selling points offered by Norman shutters that retailers can use to their advantage.

Norman’s invisible EasyTilt louvre system offers a seamless look without unsightly or clumsy “hidden” tilt rods, preventing scratches and marks over time.

“Offer your customers the ultimate in control with the new ShadeAuto Hub and App, seamlessly integrating all motorised Norman products into one convenient system. 

“Highlight the value of Norman’s exclusive No Questions Asked Warranty to reassure customers, offering coverage for life’s mishaps with a one-off replacement or repair. 

“Present a diverse array of options by emphasising the extensive selection of stunning paint and stain colours, along with additional choices like handles and hand carving.

“Promote the 180-degree tracked system with optional AutoClose louvres for Bi-Fold Shutters, showcasing enhanced functionality and aesthetics that will appeal to your customers.

Boyle points out that instead of relying on discounts, it’s worth considering a strategic shift: “position your high-quality products as high value. Rather than engaging in discussions about discounts or pricing, emphasise the intrinsic worth of your offerings. By aligning with Norman, you not only elevate your brand’s credibility but also gain access to a platform that substantiates the value you provide. Remember, it’s not just about sales—it’s about creating an experience that resonates with customers.”

CW Systems concurs that discounting needs reassessing. “In the realm of retail, the allure of discounts can be tempting, promising a boost to sales and traffic. However, constant discounting can ultimately erode profit margins and undermine the long-term viability of a business. To navigate this, retailers must prioritise offering an outstanding customer experience transcending cutting pricesand maintaining margins.

“In today’s fast-paced world, consumers prioritise convenience above all else. They are willing to invest a little extra for an experience that caters to their needs and saves them time. Recognising this shift in consumer behavior, CW Systems has concentrated on delivering value to its distributors empowering them to grow their margins and to drive revenue growth through interior design, a large product mix and also providing ‘good better best ‘scenarios to our distributors.” 

“Central to this strategy is a commitment to enhancing the customer experience through our technical expertise, and tried product options that cater to different consumer preferences. 

CW Systems

“By emphasising quality over quantity and prioritising customer satisfaction over discounts, retailers can carve out a sustainable niche in the shutter retail market. It’s about curating an experience that resonates with consumers, and fostering long-term loyalty. As the retail market continues to evolve those who resist discounting in favour of value adding strategies will emerge as more successful.” 

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