Drapery in Demand

Curtain fabrics are on the rise, with new releases reflecting practicality, economy and trend-conscious elegance, while sheers, including those designed for indoor-outdoor living, continue to attract strong demand. WFA reports.


Norman Product Development Manager Peter Boyle notes that the company’s latest output reflects a commitment to trend awareness. “Vogue recently featured an article on interior design trends of 2024, highlighting the resurgence of soft furnishings and stripes. Our latest SmartDrape fabric range, Lakeshore Stripe, elegantly incorporates this trend with its embedded stripe pattern. It’s a stylish, practical, and economical choice for contemporary interiors.”

“SmartDrape has captivated widespread attention with its innovative design, seamlessly integrating the elegance of a sheer curtain with the functionality of an additional fabric option, be it blockout or light filtering, enhancing room darkening and privacy benefits. Essentially, it offers the versatility of having two curtains in one. Moreover, its walk-through feature is ideal for living spaces seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor areas. Installation is also very easy, further adding to its appeal.

With its single rail design, the SmartDrape occupies significantly less real estate compared to the traditional dual-curtain setup, Boyle adds. But that’s not all; SmartDrape compacts to a significantly smaller stack than equivalent curtains, making it perfect for openings where maximising the view is paramount. 

“This product is particularly suited for the prevalent expansive windows and doors in the Australian market,” says Boyle. “Additionally, Norman stands out as the sole provider offering a room darkening fabric range for this type of product in Australia.”

Silent Gliss Australia

Silent Gliss Australia

Simon Meyer, Managing Director of Silent Gliss Australia comments: “In the ever-evolving world of interior design, finding the perfect balance between style, functionality, and environmental consciousness is a continuous challenge. He says Silent Gliss has taken a giant leap forward with the introduction of its line of curtain and roller blind fabric – Colorama 2, which addresses the demands of modern design but also introduces innovative solutions to meet environmental concerns and functional requirements.

“Silent Gliss has set a new standard in the market with the Colorama 2 fabric collection. The star of this lineup is the Colorama 2 Multicolour, which brings a refreshing twist to the classic Colorama fabric. With a multicoloured woven design, it adds depth and texture to interiors, making it an ideal choice for those looking to enhance the visual appeal of their living spaces.”

Silent Gliss

“The Colorama 2 Eco fabric line is a testament to Silent Gliss’ commitment to sustainability. Crafted from 100% pre-consumer recycled polyester, this eco-friendly fabric aligns with the ‘Road to Zero’ program, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious architects and designers. With three neutral colours available, it seamlessly integrates into modern interiors.

“For healthcare and spaces where hygiene is paramount, Silent Gliss introduces the Colorama 2 Bioactive fabric. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this fabric boasts a bioactive finish that actively reduces the spread of bacteria, viruses and odours. Its popularity in healthcare settings has extended to commercial and residential projects, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Silent Gliss also addresses growing demand for acoustic friendly fabrics with the Colorama Acoustic and Colorama Multicolour Acoustic. These fabrics not only contribute to the aesthetic of a room but also provide superior acoustic performance by absorbing sound, making them an ideal choice for open-plan living spaces with hard surfaces.

“The Colorama 2 fabric collection from Silent Gliss is marked by its exceptional features and benefits. The Colorama 2 Multicolour introduces a unique woven design that adds visual interest, while the Colorama 2 Eco line caters to eco-conscious consumers by utilising recycled materials. The Colorama 2 Bioactive fabric combines functionality with hygiene, making it suitable for healthcare and beyond.”

All fabrics in the Silent Gliss collection, including Colorama 2, come with the assurance of flame retardancy and consistent hanging behaviour. With a wide width of 3.4m, Colorama 2 stands out as the widest fabric available in the Australian market, offering customers unparalleled versatility in their design choices.

Meyer adds that the collection is designed to fill various gaps in the market. The Multicolour and Eco lines cater to the growing demand for visually appealing and environmentally friendly fabrics, respectively. The Bioactive fabric meets the specific needs of healthcare settings and those concerned with maintaining a hygienic environment.

In addressing the acoustic challenges of modern living spaces, Silent Gliss has introduced the Colorama Acoustic and Colorama Multicolour Acoustic fabrics. These options provide a solution for homeowners and designers looking to balance aesthetics with enhanced acoustic performance in larger and open-plan spaces.

Meyer says that the current market for curtain and blind fabrics is marked by a shift towards environmentally conscious choices and versatile design solutions. And he adds that current challenges include meeting these demands while maintaining quality and functionality. 

“Silent Gliss’s Colorama 2 fabric collection is a testament to a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and meeting the diverse needs of customers. With a range of options that cater to both aesthetic and functional requirements, Silent Gliss continues to be at the forefront of the curtain and blind fabric industry, providing solutions that redefine the way we think about interior design.”

Ricky Richards

According to Ricky Richards, the Bliss Albis collection stands at the forefront of outdoor fabric innovation, offering a blend of functionality and elegance for open spaces. 

Ricky Richards – Image courtesy of Rickys River Bar & Restaurant

“Crafted with great attention to detail, Albis fabric is meticulously designed to create outdoor light curtains or sheers in a variety of settings, from pergolas to garden gazebos and Balinese beds. Combining cutting edge technical features with the luxurious feel and quality of cotton, Albis fabrics seamlessly bridge modern living spaces with the serenity of the outdoors. With its ability to filter light and maintain an atmosphere of privacy, Albis exudes discretion and sophistication, adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting.”

Ricky Richards – Image courtesy of Rickys River Bar & Restaurant

Available in a colour palette including snow, stone, sand, smoke, and linen, the Albis collection is designed to integrate with natural surroundings, infusing outdoor spaces with warmth and tranquillity. 

“Specifically engineered for outdoor use, Albis fabric offers the perfect balance of light filtration and privacy, ensuring a comfortable and inviting ambiance. Manufactured using 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarn, Albis boasts exceptional durability and resistance to the elements, making it ideal for continuous exposure to outdoor conditions. Whether adorning bungalows, garden gazebos, Balinese beds, or pergolas, Albis fabric sets a new standard in outdoor elegance, promising lasting beauty and performance in any environment.”

“The fabric’s 5-year warranty, along with its rot and mildew resistance, water repellence, and stain repellence, make it a trusted choice for enduring beauty and functionality. Whether it’s the gentle rustle of curtains in a garden gazebo or the soft glow of light filtering through pergolas, Albis fabric creates an ambiance that captivates the senses and elevates the outdoor experience. As a testament to its enduring quality, Albis fabric stands as a symbol of timeless elegance, promising years of enjoyment and beauty in any outdoor setting.”


Linesque Air is the most recent addition to Shaw’s Linesque family of products, developed in response to customer requests for a lighter sheer fabric in keeping with current soft furnishing trends. 

Mark Lewis, Head of Division, Shaw Performance Fabrics confirms that Linesque Air is a 100% polyester, linen look curtain fabric, which co-ordinates with Shaw’s Linesque roller blind fabric, and the original Linesque drapery fabric.

“The different qualities of the Linesque program give designers and homeowners the opportunity to achieve different levels of light and heat control throughout the home, with the same fabric design and colour,” Lewis says. 

“Linesque Air is a light and airy polyester sheer, which drapes and holds an S fold shape beautifully. It is competitively priced and available in an extensive colour range of warm neutrals, classic greys and contemporary blues, with two special feature colours Bright White and intense Black.”

“Linesque Air has a quality weighted eco bead hem. It is 3000mm wide and carries a five year warranty. This sheer has minimal stretch and is easy to work with. It is washable with reference to WCAA care label 4.From a wellbeing perspective Linesque Air is Greenguard and Gold certified. It is tested for fire classification against AS 1530 Part III & AS 1530 Part II.” 

The Linesque program is supplied via Shaw’s nationwide network of distribution centres, a centralised call centre, warranty and specification guides. It is available to purchase by roll or cut length via Shaw’s online portal.

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