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Issue 95 March 2024

Demand for motorisation and solar control systems is burgeoning, with consumers increasingly investing in products for a connected home. WFA reports.

Silent Gliss by Peter Meyer

“In the ever-evolving world of interior design, the demand for motorised window furnishings has witnessed a remarkable surge over the past 12 months,” says Simon Meyer, Managing Director of Silent Gliss Australia.

“A paradigm shift towards intelligent and seamless solutions has taken centre stage, driven by the integration of motorised systems with smart home technology. This trend caters to the contemporary demand for remote operation and automation capabilities, aligning perfectly with the evolving lifestyle preferences of modern homeowners.”

Meyer notes that the recent upswing in the market is fuelled by a growing fascination with fully connected homes. “The increased availability of advanced motorisation systems and home automation technologies has played a pivotal role in this shift. As individuals spend more time at home, the importance of creating comfortable and functional living spaces has become a priority. Motorised curtain and blind systems are emerging as vital elements in achieving the delicate balance between convenience and aesthetics.”

“The motorisation revolution, embraced by industry leaders, signifies a harmonious coexistence of various motorisation solutions, providing consumers with diverse choices that seamlessly integrate with modern living. In this exciting era of motorisation, the convergence of intelligent technologies and aesthetic appeal is shaping the way we interact with our living spaces. Leading companies in the industry are dedicated to innovation and sustainability, ready to lead with exceptional design and top-notch quality.”

“The SG5600 Curtain Track, now equipped with the all-new SG 9060 motor in black, embodies sophistication and power. This addition to Silent Gliss’ motorisation line-up boasts elegant black components, offering precision in operation and aligning with modern design trends. Operating at less than 36 dBA, the SG 9060 motor ensures a quiet and uninterrupted living experience, earning it the prestigious Quiet Mark. Compatible with both the SG 5600 system and the 6150M 50mm Metropole Curtain Rod, it showcases remarkable versatility. Safety is a top priority, and the SG 9060 motor comes equipped with thermal overload protection, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Silent Gliss

“The introduction of the SG 9060 motor in black responds to the growing market demand for high-performance, aesthetically pleasing motorisation solutions. This addition allows homeowners to elevate their interior aesthetics without compromising on the quality and functionality that Silent Gliss is renowned for.”

Silent Gliss recently introduced the SG4970 motorised Roller Blind system to the Australian market, featuring virtually silent operation and programmable intermediate stops. This system can be controlled through various means, including mains switch, radio remote control, or integration with home automation systems. The series 20 motor even incorporates obstacle detection to prevent damage to blinds.

“The demand for Skylights and Wintergarden systems is on the rise, driven by modern architecture’s use of larger glass expanses to maximise natural daylight and views,” says Meyer. “Silent Gliss meets this demand with the SG2195 motorised Wintergarden system, offering innovative and elegant shading solutions. The flexibility of operating up to three adjacent systems with a single motor showcases the adaptability of Silent Gliss motorisation solutions. 

Looking ahead, Meyer predicts that the motorisation market is set to witness further advancements in motorised solutions, making them quieter, more powerful, and compact. “Hard-wired solutions will undoubtedly remain a staple for years to come, offering unparalleled quietness and lifting capacity. Silent Gliss is poised to continue leading the motorisation revolution, offering customers cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly integrate with evolving lifestyle trends and technological advancements. As they navigate the dynamic landscape of the motorisation sector, Silent Gliss remains committed to delivering excellence in design, quality, and innovation.”

BM Blinds

Michael Shaw, Director of BM Blinds, tells WFA the company has experienced incredible growth within the wholesale vertical sheer manufacturing sector. 

“Production has had to expand to help keep within our short lead times as demand increased,” he says. “This increase has been noted in the motorisation of this product, now with both the 240V and rechargeable battery motor options. The motor sits horizontally behind the track and boasts a quiet operation. 

“The dedicated motorised track was an obvious addition as the vertical sheer product increased in popularity. This product lends itself to being motorised as consumers love the soft sheer look of the fabric, particularly over large patio doors and to offer elegance to any room by covering large expanses of walls and windows. The wall to wall, ceiling to floor coverage gives an opulent and high-end luxurious feel to any home.”

BM Blinds

The system allows users to rotate the segments to allow differing levels of soft light with the simple click on a remote control, or retract the segments to reveal a door opening for easy access to the outdoors. 

“Motorisation is becoming more mainstream in people’s homes. With home automation systems being a standard part of new homes and apartments for lighting, heating, and security, it simply makes sense that motorising window furnishing products such as vertical sheers is the next step.

“Having the ability to now motorise the vertical sheer products makes them so easy to use and gives clients the ability to operate each sheer individually or group them together. Grouping them means that a press of the button can rotate all the sheers to the open position, allowing light to flood into a room on a bright wintery day.

“The innovative improvements to technology over the past couple of years make this product a sure winner for any astute homeowner. As home automation and app integration for our motorised window furnishings becomes more mainstream, demand increases.”


With rising costs of electricity and a growth in sustainability concerns, Somfy has seen an increase in demand for home automation in the motorisation sector, particularly as an alternative to artificial heating and cooling.

“Consumers are concerned with energy efficiency and setting window coverings to automatically open and close throughout the day to naturally warm or cool down a home helps avoid bill shock at the end of each quarter,” says Mary Ladu, Somfy Oceania’s Marketing Manager.

“We all want a home that keeps up with the pace of our lives, but also one that runs efficiently and helps us save money. Adding motorisation and then automating that process helps users do just that.”

A single windowpane can lose up to ten times more heat than the same sized area of an uninsulated wall. Covering the windows with blinds is a key factor to energy savings by controlling the temperature in the home. Exterior window coverings also play a part, with the unique ability to block the heat out in summer and the cold in winter before it reaches the window.

“It’s even easier to preserve heat or cold when sensors do the work for you,” adds Somfy Oceania’s Product Marketing Executive, Nicki Beggs.

Somfy’s range of sun sensors will raise or lower blinds depending on the light threshold of the sun, meaning users can control their home’s internal temperature without having to think about it.

“Our latest connected solution, TaHoma switch, boasts compatibility with close to 300 third-party partner products including temperature sensors,” says Beggs.


Using temperature sensors, users can customise their settings for the blinds to close automatically once their home’s internal temperature reaches a certain level, keeping the home cooler and protecting plants, furniture, and pets.

 “The simplest way to manage your home’s energy efficiency is to set and forget,” continues Beggs.

With TaHoma switch, users can program window coverings to close at dusk during winter and keep the heat in before the temperature drops. Conversely, in summer, blinds can be programmed to lower at the hottest times of the day, so the home stays cool, relieving pressure on the air conditioning system.

“We are also excited to announce that the latest update for TaHoma switch has a new feature dedicated to energy savings for Zigbee lights.

“Within the TaHoma by Somfy app, an end user can set up parameters to conserve energy for lighting. For example, if a Zigbee light has been on more than four hours, an alert will pop up on the end user’s phone and advise the light has been on, prompting them to turn it off.”

The new feature is compatible with third-party lights including Philips Hue, and Somfy’s newly launched Zigbee Izymo On/Off Lighting Receiver. The receiver sits behind the wall-switch, giving users the ability to convert their standard home lighting into a Zigbee smart lighting system, allowing for bi-directional feedback and centralised control.

Users can control up to two lights directly from their TaHoma switch and TaHoma by Somfy app, and the receiver also acts as a Zigbee range extender in the home mesh network. 

Meanwhile, “The increased focus placed on renewable energy has also seen an increased demand for solar-powered solutions,” says Ladu.“More end-user enquiries are looking for motorisation powered by solar and we’re proud to be able to offer that through Somfy’s WireFree Li-ion Solar Panel.”

The convenient solution is compatible with Somfy’s WireFree RTS motors, harnessing solar energy to power WireFree motorised blinds.

The solar panel features a sleek and slimline design with two mounting options: on the wall, or the window surface.

The solar panel trickles charge to the WireFree RTS motor meaning there is minimal maintenance required for maximum efficiency and a positive user experience.

“We’ll also be launching a solar panel to complement our Zigbee WireFree range in S2 2024.”

“We are conscious that our solutions contribute to improving a home’s energy performance and are therefore committed to a sustainable future. Our Act For Green label is directly linked to this priority.”

Act For Green is Somfy’s suite of eco-designed products, developed to reduce environmental impact through an approach of eco-responsibility to buildings, products, and teams. 

The voluntary initiative considers the product lifecycle: from the extraction of raw materials to end of life. 

“As of December 2023, 66% of our products already carry the Act For Green label, including motors, sensors, remote controls, and accessories.”

Locally, Somfy Oceania has met the demands of end-users by creating a digital energy savings calculator, which can predict the potential carbon emissions, time, and money homeowners can save by using Somfy motorised solutions in their home.

The SoCool tool promotes sustainability and energy efficiency, at a time when customers are using energy bills and interest rates as motivation to switch from manual to automated window coverings. Somfy’s Energy Savings Calculator is found at

Hunter Douglas

Vera Meharg, Group Marketing Executive at Hunter Douglas confirms Hunter Douglas has launched Motolux Automation – its proprietary and value brand motor program. This motorisation system allows users to take control of their environment by providing the ultimate indoor and outdoor solution. The Motolux motorisation pairs seamlessly with Sunboss Roller Blinds hardware, Alpha Awnings and most traditional style awnings 

“Featuring a variety of AC and DC lithium rechargeable motors with torque strength from 1NM to 80NM, there is a motor solution suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It also offers a range of handheld and wall mounted remote options including single channel, multi-channel and timer remotes, that are all rechargeable, and/or Smart Gateway Controller. In addition, all Motolux motorisation product comes with a five-year warranty. 

“This product is designed to provide a solution for allowing users to automate their whole house with just a click of button. The Smart Home automation hub available allows them to control the blinds and awnings via an easy to use app on their smart phone or via voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Control4 systems for a fully integrated solution. It achieves this by providing the ability to group multiple window coverings together via the scenes function for easy one-touch app control. 

Hunter Douglas

“Home automation has fast become the standard and not the exception in Australian homes from lighting to security to entertainment. Window Coverings have also become a key part of the product selection process for home automation. Consumers are looking for automation solutions to control their window coverings and make for easy living. 

With consumers spending more time at home, they are looking at turning their homes into havens where they can enjoy both working and relaxation, says Meharg. “Also with the summer months fast approaching and most of us spending more time at home, our backyards have become increasingly important in providing a haven and entertaining area. The demand in external products, especially awnings, is maintaining momentum due to its quality and performance. By using an app on your phone, the Motolux motorisation system provides the ultimate solution to control all the blinds within the home with ease. 


Peter Boyle – Product Development Manager at Norman says that over the past year, the motorisation market has seen notable progress. Voice control systems have seamlessly integrated with motorisation, resulting in improved efficiency and convenience. This blending of technology promises exciting possibilities to improve our daily lives.

In February, Norman introduced the ShadeAuto Hub & App, a groundbreaking addition to its motorisation offering. 

“The eagerly awaited ShadeAuto Hub caters to all motorised Norman products. With the ShadeAuto app, customers gain seamless control over their window furnishings,” says Boyle. 

“Our ShadeAuto Hub is designed to offer customers unparalleled convenience in controlling all their motorised shades and shutters from a single device or phone. But we didn’t stop there. We understand customers’ dynamic lifestyles, which is why we’ve included an intuitive app, ensuring they stay in control even when they’re away or without the remote. With the added ability to create schedules, adjusting window coverings becomes effortless. It’s about more than just control; it’s about providing a tailored experience that meets your customers’ comfort, privacy, and energy-saving needs.

Boyle says that the adoption of technology such as voice control systems is significantly driving growth in motorised window furnishings. “The ShadeAuto Hub, for instance, is experiencing a substantial uptake due to its seamless compatibility with popular smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home/Assistant, and Apple Home devices. This integration allows homeowners to effortlessly control their window coverings with voice commands, thereby transforming their living spaces into intelligent and responsive environments.”


Boyle notes that the evolution in wireless technology has been significant. “We’ve not only kept pace but have often been pioneers in this space. Our innovative approach of integrating solar panels on our shutters exemplifies this, ensuring an extended battery life that transcends conventional limits. Plus, we offer a diverse array of charging and power supply options, catering to the dynamic needs of our users and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. 

“Our wirefree offering stands above the competition, thanks to a suite of exclusive benefits tailored to enhance user convenience and cost efficiency. A standout feature is our innovative PowerBar technology, a game-changer that eliminates the need for professional electrical installation. Customers can effortlessly integrate our wirefree options into their spaces, enjoying the seamless operation of shades or shutters without incurring additional costs or navigating complex installations.”

Fabric for motorisation

Bochini from Ricky Richards is positioned as a top tier fabric choice for motorised applications, epitomising excellence in type 0 tensile structure fabrics. Crafted from 1000D low wick polyester and adorned with a weldable PVDF lacquer, Bochini stands out with its single-sided construction for Bochini Blockout and double-sided finish for Bochini. Designed with motorisation in mind, Bochini offers exceptional lightweight qualities, making it the go-to solution for tensioned structures, retractable roofing systems, marquees, and tents. Its versatility is matched by its durability, boasting UV stabilisation, waterproof capabilities, and anti-mildew properties, ensuring longevity and reliability even in the harshest conditions. Moreover, with its FR B1 certification, Bochini guarantees peace of mind, meeting stringent safety standards while offering unmatched performance.

Ricky Richards

With an extensive palette of 11 captivating colour options, including four inspired by COLORBOND®, Bochini offers endless possibilities for adding flair to motorised projects. Whether it’s creating a dynamic outdoor space or enhancing architectural designs, Bochini’s blend of style and functionality elevates any setting. Harnessing the power of innovation and quality craftsmanship, Bochini empowers designers and architects to bring their visions to life with confidence, setting new standards in motorised fabric solutions.

Bochini’s 10-year warranty ensures peace of mind, guaranteeing longevity and reliability even in the harshest conditions, while its Reach Compliance underscores its commitment to environmental responsibility. Additionally, its waterproof properties make it ideal for outdoor installations, further expanding its versatility and applicability in various architectural settings. Whether it’s crafting awe-inspiring marquees or sculpting iconic tents, Bochini’s fusion of form and function paves the way for visionary design solutions, setting a new benchmark for excellence in motorised fabric applications.

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