Making the Connection

Somfy is launching a complete, comfort-driven smart shading solution, featuring Zigbee 3.0 technology.

Designed to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for professionals while offering comfort and convenience for end-users, Somfy’s newly released comprehensive smart shading solution includes a new bi-directional motor range, controls and dedicated services tailored to support professionals from integration to installation and maintenance. 

Jodie Featherstone, Channel Manager – Industrial Sales for Somfy, says new Internet of Things and Wireless technologies are paving the way for a holistic approach to shading management. 

 “At Somfy, as we move into TaHoma suite and Zigbee 3.0 technology, users will have the ability to have all their connected solutions – from Somfy and third-party partners including Clipsal, Schneider Electric, Crestron and Sonos – in one ecosystem.” 

“This means that users will only need one app to talk to all the different solutions in their home including blinds, curtains, awnings, lighting receivers, sensors, locks, garage and window openers, gates and other third-party products such as sound systems,” she says. 

The range is compatible with most types of blinds and curtains. All motors are bi-directional with Wired and WireFree options. They hook up straightforwardly to the robust Zigbee mesh network, an interoperable and reliable standard for communication and connectivity in the home, which gives motors greater functionality and easier integration. 

Wired options are maintenance-free, while WireFree models, not needing electrical wires, are faster and more discreet to install. In both cases, motorisation is reliable and eliminates cords to provide a child-safe and pet-friendly solution.

Designed to be as ergonomic as possible, all Zigbee Somfy tubular motors have a new slim-line head and integrated motor plates, ensuring reduced light gaps and ease of installation. On WireFree models, the new design provides simpler access to the USB-C connector and the LED and programming button for visual feedback.

Accessories include a fast charger that now charges motors in just 100 minutes, once a year, and a magnetic USB-C connector that snaps magnetically onto the charger. Customers can also add a solar panel, to be released to the market soon, that increases a WireFree motor’s battery autonomy by up to five years.

What is Zigbee?

The Zigbee 3.0 protocol is an interoperable, globally adopted and secure Internet of Things (IoT) solution used to connect smart home devices to a consistent network and language. Zigbee creates an ecosystem of products that work seamlessly together, easing the integration process and increasing comfort for end users.

The Zigbee Alliance creates, maintains and delivers open global wireless standards that enable everyday objects to work together and control your world in the IoT. An open, not-for-profit ecosystem of over 600 companies in 37 countries, the Alliance develops and promotes the world’s leading IoT standards across a wide range of consumer commercial and industrial monitoring and control applications.

Globally adopted: Extensive library of applications and devices deployed by hundreds of companies around the world

Interoperable: Large ecosystem of products to choose from that work seamlessly together

Reliable and low-power: Proven, self-healing mesh network that eliminates single points of failure with minimal power consumption

Secure: Secure by design with a variety of security mechanisms

For manufacturers, a streamlined setting process

Manufacturers can configure everything through the TaHoma pro app, with or without internet connection. Simply scan each motor’s QR code for a one-to-one connection. The integrated Bluetooth ensures there is no crosstalk that can shut down the production line. When manufacturers select the application profile in the app, motors adapt perfectly. Using TaHoma pro and Bluetooth connectivity ensures the Zigbee motor and control setting process is consistent and efficient

For installers, a solution that’s easy to install and easy to service

Thanks to the dedicated TaHoma pro app, installers benefit from a swift and simple installation of TaHoma switch and Zigbee motors. Through Bluetooth, the TaHoma pro app guides installers step-by-step during installation, guaranteeing that it’s error-free and tailored to each project. 

Thanks to Serv-e-Go, Somfy’s all-in-one remote monitoring and troubleshooting service, installers can provide maintenanceand ease their daily work.They can have a full view of all connected devices in a customer’s home and diagnose problems remotely to prep for service calls.

Serv-e-Go enables them to provide remote support to help their customers resolve issues without going to see them. They can also proactively monitor alert messages such as low battery warnings and find a fix before a customer is even aware. It makes their daily work easier, while providing more support for their customers.

A comfort-driven and convenient solution for end users

Users adjust their window coverings to let in natural light, enjoy their privacy, and ensure the comfort of their interiors by managing sun exposure in the summer and winter. Somfy’s discreet and silent motors go undetected in their home decor.

“Users want the ability to communicate with their home and we are constantly looking for ways to provide these solutions and enhance our products, whilst improving our overall customer experience,” said Somfy Oceania’s Product Marketing Executive, Nicki Beggs.

“Installing motorised blinds, curtains, and awnings is the first step in increasing your home’s comfort and convenience.

“By adding a touch of connectivity, it opens a world of possibilities, with TaHoma switch boasting compatibility with close to 300 types of Somfy products and major home equipment brands (such as Philips Hue, Sonos and Netatmo).

“Customers can centralise their window coverings with all their connected home equipment to ease their daily routine and bring them greater peace of mind.”

The TaHoma switch comes with the TaHoma by Somfy app to program, control and check their equipment according to their needs and lifestyle, at home, remotely or even automatically, without thinking about it. They can also use a compatible voice control assistant or control their equipment directly with dedicated Ysia remotes.

For example, when the alarm goes off at 7am, users can awaken gently as their curtains open automatically and silently, and their compatible Philips Hue lights gradually brighten. While they’re working from home, they can adjust their blinds with a remote control to soften the glare of the midday sun on their computer screen. Automatic lights adjust in response, providing a perfect balance between natural and artificial light, for their greatest visual comfort. In the summer, as soon as the temperature inside exceeds 25ºC*, curtains close automatically to keep the home cooler and protect plants and furniture.

*by adding a compatible temperature sensor

Additionally, all the Somfy smart shading solutions are covered by a five-year warranty and the majority of the range carries Somfy’s Act For Green label, which guarantees that products have been designed to have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

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