Waterfront vision Tennyson Point House, Sydney

Issue 86 September 2022

Blinds by Peter Meyer (BBPM) was engaged to provide a shading solution that maximised views while providing privacy at night for a residence in the waterside Sydney suburb of Tennyson Point.

In a project that required a significant amount of collaboration to overcome design challenges and achieve unique solutions in terms of execution and accessibility, the resulting shading solutions gave the client flexibility to adjust the amount of shading and daylighting when desired, without inhibiting the view of the waterfront or neglecting privacy or thermal control.

Blinds by Peter Meyer was engaged by architecture firm StudioJLA to provide shading solutions for a stunning three-level waterfront home featuring five bedrooms, eight car parks, a pool boathouse, jetty and lift access. The design considered both form and function, with an honest consideration of natural materials such as polished concrete, timber and steel to frame an elegant architectural solution.

The purpose of the project was not only to curate a space that met the client brief, but also to create a home in tune with its contextual landscaping to provide a balance between form and function.

Located along the foreshore of Tennyson Point, this residence is designed to champion its water views from every level and the client wanted to take advantage of these views while preserving privacy at night.

In order to meet client expectations, the shading solution would require concealment as the residence consists of a series of cantilevered elements developed to embrace the occupants to its water views and surroundings.  

Blinds by Peter Meyer Managing Director Simon Meyer tells WFA, the key emphasis needed to be maximising the views overlooking the tranquil water view, without neglecting daylighting, shading, privacy, and thermal control for the client.

“In executing the project, we stumbled on some significant design challenges that prevented us from delivering an out-of-the-box solution for both the internal blinds and external shading in the Alfresco area,” he says. “Firstly, the total area requiring blinds was a 26.6 square metre conservatory-style slanted glass roof. On an occasion like this, where the space is too large for an internal blind, we would opt for an external product. 

“In this case, due to the glass construction, we were unable to fit the brackets externally and had to workshop an alternative solution. In collaboration with Studio JLA, we executed a solution that placed the external blinds on the inside of the glass with the Weinor Sontezza II Undermount Conservatory Awning.” 

“In total, we used two Sontezza systems that were both 3,040mm wide with a 4,375mm projection. The motorisation from these two systems allowed for complete adaptability, enhancing flexibility for our clients in their ability to draw natural daylight into the space where suitable, maximising lighting and shading specific to their needs. The use of linear fabric with colour matching also aided in the aesthetics by blending the window shading into its surroundings.”

Meanwhile BBPM faced an implementation challenge with the external awning in the Alfresco area, in the form of the lack of structure on which to mount the Weinor Opal II Full Cassette Folding Arm Awning. 

“A metal goal post structure was fabricated and clad in timber to allow us to have a structure to fix to adequately. The resulting outdoor shading over the Alfresco area is a unique solution with regard to user accessibility. With the retractable feature, the clients were given the flexibility to adjust the amount of shading, and daylighting when desired without inhibiting their view of the waterfront.”

Through strong collaboration, BBPM was able to deliver a solution that worked perfectly with its surroundings and executed exactly to the client’s brief, Meyer confirms. 

“The project allowed the client the flexibility to entertain their family and friends all year round without jeopardising important elements such as privacy, and thermal comfort. It also meant they could enjoy an uninhibited waterfront view and boat moorings in their luxurious tri-level residence.”


Awnings: Weinor

Installation: Blinds by Peter Meyer

Architect: StudioJLA

Photography: Hamilton Lund

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