Vertex: residential project focus

ISSUE 82 January 2022

Two Melbourne properties have benefited from German technology and Vertex expertise in creating stylish, functional environments that offer a cool refuge from the extremes of the Australian summer.

Roller blinds remain popular in Australian homes for their simplicity and elegance. Category specialist Vertex takes inspiration from the relaxed, Australian way of life, expressing contemporary ideas through quality materials.

“Showcasing fine German fabric technology, each roller blind is made up of a single piece of fabric which is attached to the roller mechanism inside the case. They can be operated using variety of mechanisms; simple cords to pull up and down, or a winding chain attached to the roller case, or for extra comfort, motorised and remote-controlled roller blinds.”

“Australian weather is recording highest temperature as each year passes by. Sometimes you can’t bear the heat even inside your own home. You need a perfect window treatment to block the harsh heat from outside. The right kind of window treatment makes a huge difference in keeping the perfect insulation for the house.”

The benefits of these classic window coverings have been showcased in two recent Melbourne based Vertex projects.  

Narre Warren

Located in a striking, modern development of roomy, modern, urban homes with high quality interiors, including distinctive loft-style design, a residential property in the Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren has a sleek and minimal living room,  light and airy bedrooms and is fitted to the highest of standards.

The bedrooms and living room needed a window treatment to block out the sun to keep the home cool during the day. Vertex Fabrics supplied a block out roller blinds fabric with thermal coating to fit the palatial living room and cosy bedroom windows.

The roller blinds are made up of blockout fabric which can efficiently keep the heat out while protecting the furnishings from fading due to harsh UV rays. The resulting treatment also saved energy for the owners, resulting in almost 25% less in energy bills.

Vertex also provided vertical blinds fabrics for the bathroom, to keep humidity at bay, with the slats slanted to 45 degrees to ventilate the room while keeping the heat out.

Roller blind key takeaways

  • Roller Blinds are the best choice for space saving.
  • They are the most affordable window coverings when compared to other options and can instantly change the ambience of any room.
  • They are available in wide range of colours and textures.
  • Block out blind fabric offers privacy and insulation to the room. These help in reducing the heat in summer and are the good choice for bedrooms.
  • Sunscreen roller blinds protect upholstery from harsh sunlight which can lead to fading and bleaching. They are available in neutral colours to suit living room décor.
  • Light filtering blinds are suitable for glare control without losing exterior views. These transparent blinds can control the light and heat, ideal for living rooms. 

Wyndham Vale

Vertex also supplied another residential property in the Melbourne suburb of Wyndham Vale, a two storey building comprising maisonettes alongside modern five-bedroom, partly inspired by the surrounding 19th century residential neighbourhoods.

“Here we had a situation a large sliding door with a small window beside it in the living room. Our customer here had quite a small bedroom and wanted to have a minimalist look to maintain as much space as possible in the room.”  

“When the blind is open, it sits mostly above the window, giving maximum space. When it is down, it sits relatively flat to the wall and doesn’t protrude into the room. We also fitted a screen roller fabric behind the roman for daytime privacy as the bedroom is at the front of the home.”

Given the many benefits of sunlight, for physical and mental wellbeing, we had to come up with a solution which can bring in sufficient sunlight inside the room while also protecting the interior from the harsh Australian sun.”

“We came up with the perfect fit roman blinds fabric for their living room windows. It allowed light to filter in and blocked the harsh sunlight from getting inside. We customised it for all the rooms. It allows us to filter out the light without compromising on the interior look. We also worked closely with the home to choose the right colour to improvise the glow of each room.”

“We used our best German technology light filters to save the furnishing from the harsh UV ray’s damage and maintain privacy of the property owners.”

In both projects, an elegant aesthetic together with much needed solar glare protection, has been the result, providing a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing home and significantly lower energy bills.

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