ISSUE 67 JULY 2019

Sonesse solutions from Somfy are playing a pivotal role in a Sydney urban renewal project at the leading edge of sustainability.

Forming a key part of one of Australia’s largest urban renewal developments, Green Square Library in Sydney redefines the traditional concept of a library through its ground-breaking and eye-catching design. Designed by Sydney architects Stewart Hollenstein, the scheme comprises an innovative underground library which boasts a subterranean garden, open air amphitheatre and six-storey glass tower. The space plays with function and form to deliver an architectural geometry vision to the flourishing community.

It has also achieved a 5 Star Green Star Public Building Design Certification from the Green Building Council of Australia.

“The building utilised complex engineering techniques to create an open space with 40 skylights, ensuring the interior is flooded with natural light,” a Somfy spokesperson confirmed. “Demonstrating sustainable design and construction, the tower is composed of an ultra-clear, cavity façade with automated blinds to ensure high levels of optical, thermal and acoustic performance. Additionally, 15 non-cavity blinds feature in the facade of the entry triangle.”

A total of 109 Sonesse 50 RS485 motors were used in the project; Sonesse was selected as the motor of choice for its superior performance and quiet operation. Accompanied by 32 KNX RS485 Motor Controllers, the Somfy KNX RS485 Blind Control System works seamlessly with the sensor station positioned on the roof to automatically control window coverings through sun and cavity temperature control whilst providing a graphical user interface output for monitoring purposes.

The sensor station and its four sun sensors connect to four internal cavity facade temperature sensor probes to monitor the internal facade temperature and adjust the blinds’ position accordingly. Individual control is also made possible via KNX Wall switches, providing the occupants with the convenient option of local control.

The Sonesse powered roller blinds were manufactured by Verosol, and installed by BMC Commercial Solutions to ensure perfect integration into the project.

Somfy provided support at every stage of the process, with its Projects team and Somfy Electrical Services team installing and commissioning the Blind Control System.

“The Sonesse 50 RS485 digital motor offers easy integration and installation, providing positional feedback of the blind during move and when reaching the upper and lower end limits; it is designed for accurate alignment thanks to the increment encoder technology of the RS485 motors. As with all motors in the Sonesse range, the quiet, superior strength motor is recognised throughout the industry for meeting the needs of even the most high-performing projects. The KNX RS485 motors controllers can also be controlled either individually or by groups allowing for custom zoning and functionalities.”

“Quiet, adaptable and intuitive, Sonesse motors are designed for all types of projects from commercial to residential, including new builds and renovations.”

Location: Green Square, NSW
Sector: Public Library
Architect: Stewart Hollenstein
Builder: John Holland
Client: City of Sydney
Certification: 5 Star Green Star Public Building Design
Somfy Products: 109 Sonesse 50 RS485 motors, 32 KNX RS485 Motor Controllers, Somfy KNX RS485 Blind Control System and Smoove Wall Mounted Controls
Manufacturer: Verosol
Installer: BMC Commercial Solutions
Façade Contractor: JML – Craft (Façade Consultant)
Commissioning: Somfy Electrical Services

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