Issue 81 November 2021

The installation of Widescreen screening solution to a high-end residential property on the Gold Coast has brought both premium level sun protection and aesthetics to the home.

The unique properties and flexibility of Widescreen sun protection product, whose sleek performance is a key point of difference in the marketplace, has added value to this coastal residence.

With a site comprising a narrow, steep block with spectacular views to the north and east over the Pacific Ocean, the house has been designed over three levels with a free standing studio pod surrounded by trees at the bottom of the block.

The ground floor accommodates the living areas and kitchen with the terrace and pool along the north east face. The master bedroom and ensuite are on the top floor, cantilevering over the pool, while the basement accommodates four bedrooms with ensuites and a laundry.

Circulation is along the east/west axis, providing differing views of the ocean and pool while traversing the three levels. Materials stained timber cladding, white render and sandstone were chosen to weather and soften over time and to blend with the landscape.

The modern home required solar solutions that would retain cool interiors during the hot summer months, control glare all year round, and importantly, provide an aesthetic that wouldn’t detract from the home’s overall look, while enabling high levels of visibility from the interior to the exterior.

Widescreen product designer Tony Hopkins recalls the day the owners came to him with their challenge; driven by aesthetics, they did not want their clean window profiles to be compromised by the unrefined systems they had discovered on the market.

Designed with the experience of decades in the industry, from manufacturing, end user sales and knowing what customers want, Widescreen draws on a “brain trust” with hands-on knowledge that continually drives innovation of the product, says Hopkins.

One of the resulting benefits of the Widescreens design is undoubtedly its aesthetic, he says. “The sleek side zip channel profiles blend with the look and feel of the house and when face-fitted have no visible fixings.”

“Most sun protection screens on the market have side channels peppered with visible fixings or rivets, which would be a real shame for this property. The Widescreen’s unique two-piece side channel when face fitted has no visible fixings.”

The finished property now boasts a total of 23 Widescreens ranging from less than 1000mm to 6500mm wide, solving specific problems throughout the property. On the top floor, especially, the master bedroom is exposed to the morning sun, meaning the room risks becoming hot as soon as the sun made an appearance.

“The large windows were easily treated by the Widescreen, keeping out the sun’s heat, while the solution also enabled the client to open windows and doors with the blinds down, creating the option of letting fresh air flow while controlling sun, glare and heat.”

On the ground level are the main living room, kitchen and pool deck area, where the north side Widescreens automatically lower at 11am as the sun moves around for the afternoon and retract at 6pm after sunset. The east facing living room blind lowers at 4am in preparation for sunrise.

“The owner is ecstatic about the comfort this provides in the morning, saying he could not now be without the Widescreen, especially on this level,” says Hopkins.

The lower basement level’s east facing side has three Widescreens, providing comfort and protection for the two bedrooms and a second living area, all programmed as the ground level living blinds, ready to tame the morning sun.

Meanwhile the self-contained Studio Pod is nestled below the main residence, featuring full-size Widescreens on three sides of the structure, one at over 6500mm wide. These blinds provide comfort all day long with the space utilised as a home work environment.

“Faced with the solar issues the property had, the owners had set out to find a suitable solution to keep indoor temperatures down. Various alternatives were explored, but none proved persuasive, and ultimately Widescreens were selected as the best overall solution.”

It seems that selection has now demonstrated its worth, with the owners understood to be “more than impressed with the function and comfort provided by Widescreen,” says Hopkins.

He adds that the simplicity of the Widescreens being automatically set on timers adds to the overall quality of the solution, creating a home environment that is aesthetically outstanding, as well as functional and comfortable.

“In short, the owners believe Widescreen was the best decision they made on the entire build.”

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